Nothing really

25 Nov

Nothing to say, really. I just have to log in on this every time I want to post on Pete’s Blog, which he is keeping up daily. And managing to post pictures etc which I haven’t sussed yet.

Pottered into town this morning, cycled out to Denver Mill deliver something so had to have tea and cheese scone, back to Downham to swim  a K ( over 50’s session is great, I feel almost fast by comparison with some there….), walked a couple of miles, and suddenly the day’s nearly gone and it’s time to brace myself for the panto rehearsals. I bloody hate panto, why am I doing this?

Hey ho. What really strikes me is how easy it’s become to fill whole days with nothing much –  just a year ago I would’ve crammed all this stuff in on top of a week’s toil at the chalk face.



Total confusion

24 Nov

Pete has now set up a Blog. Which he should as he’s a good writer and likes committing things to paper.He even used to keep a  diary. So, I’ve tried to comment on his blog. That took ages and was very complicated. Now it seems I am registered to comment which is fine though still a complex process. But my name has to be “Ryston Runners” cos that’s how this blog was first set up.If I change that – somehow – will it then muck up all my other links?  How do I do that? I’ve clicked on several joiny up with Google things during the process.Where will all that lead? I find it all so bewildering. Does it REALLY have to be this complicated? Is it me?   Bobbbbbbiiiinnnnssss! Heeeeelp!

Meanwhle, we have theatre tickets for KL Arts Centre tonight. Nice. But it’s also the evening when the town Xmas lights get switched on ( by someone I’ve never heard of who was apprently on The X Factor so all teh no brainers will be out in force to have an oggle). Parking will be a MARE. Better leave now……



Light the touch paper and……

8 Nov

An innocent killing of time and what’s it opened up?

And then I wonder why I don’t commit my feelings and turn them into words.Once they’re words they’re common property and open to the elements. No wonder Hamlet opted for silence.

What am I doing here?

8 Nov

So, I’ve been to Spain and come back again. And mucked up the password on this blog and had to set a new one. And, despite my best intentions, kept little by way of a diary so as to have jolly interesting and throught-provoking -nay, inspiring, even – content to add here.

I’m not really built to blog, it seems, being neither introspective, retrospectiveor, in fact, considering how often I mislay and can’t find my glasses, often any kind of spectrive at all; which surprises me really, as I take so much pleasure from words. Other people’s , it seems. I’ve just caught up with Kevin Revell’s Emu blogs – well written, with interesting things happening and a quirky take on them; I spent a lovely couple of hours yesterday with the author Sue Welfare, and then eavesdropped in the evening on some poetry being read in the pub after panto preliminaries, taking great delight in all the second-hand wordsmithing; I read in excess of 10 books while in Spain and was delighted to receive a Kindle for my birthday, onto which – eventually, after considerable struggles with the vagaries of t’interweb- my first download was of T.S. Eliot’s complete outpourings so I can have those wondrous words with me all the time.

Pete, whose output in Spain included : a training schedule, half a dozen assorted drawings and paintings ( mixed media), cutting the hedges, mending 16 punctures, re-gearing a bike, rewiring a lighting circuit, replacing light fittings, and painting a wall, had much to write about and reflect on, and did. He’s born to blog – observant, reflective, creative. But it’s me on here. So maybe I should start making a go of it and see if I can interest myself, for want of anyone else desperate enough to be an audience. There’s a whole wolrd of words out there that I really wot not of. Do I have a place in it? Let’s find out.

Then there was one…..

6 Sep

So, it seems I have a blogsite after all. In the absence of this turning out to be what I intended, i.e. a club communication vehicle, it may as well be an occasional diary.

So, Guernsey at the weekend. Just 3 seconds slower than 10 years ago, and that could have been lost at a junction or a drink station or battling through the food fair crowd at the harbour near the finsh. And 7 minutes off the previous age best for this event. So, why so dissatisfied?

  • Because I won’t accept ageing as a reason for decline in performance.
  • Because I wasn’t properly prepared for the distance.
  • Because I let someone else beat me just by her being there.
  • Because that bloody problem with my gluts cut in and cut my stride and my pace again and I can’t seem to get it sorted.

So, you’d think I’d be up and at ’em with a vengeance again today already, instead of dossing about the house, not writing the panto script, not doing the exercises, and generally being a blob. But I’m not. And there you have it.

And,by the way, I just feel so disappointed that there is now so much noisy, dense traffic on Guernsey now. What is the point of having a 3 litre injection Merc on an island with at most 150 miles of tarred roadway and a max speed limit of 35mph? And did it all have to drive past our guest house, incessantly, loudly, sleep-depriving-nerve-janglingly? Apparently , yes.

Back to the Drawing Board?

15 Aug

It seems that a Blogsite isn’t really what we want /need. So the accolades and congratulations I received for my techno wizardry in setting this up ( and it wasn’t me, it was Bobbins) were unfounded and will be short-lived. Hey ho! It seems we need a forum.

However, this weekend has seen a huge upsurge in reports and thoughts received ( from 0 to 3) so the ngaging and whining that generated the Blogsite also seem to have had some  effct on club members, whihc can’t be bad.

And if this ends up being a small affair of a personal blog for Malcolm and Becs and me, well, nothing lost, no harm done.

It was nice to be at the track tonight and feel part of something. Maybe at some point I’ll figure out what that something was…..



Running in thunderstorms

11 Aug

if in doubt as to whether running in a hailstorm helps?
Trust me, it does! I got a pb in the 3k Sunday running in the worst storm ever!